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Oracle Hyperion FDM Corporate Online Training

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Oracle Hyperion FDM Course Content

1. Product Orientation

• Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System
• Benefits and Features of FDM
• ERP Integrator
• Processing Data Overview

2.Navigating FDM

• Accessing FDM
• Working with the POV
• Locking Out Users for Maintenance
• Running Reports
• Viewing Graphical Timelines

3.Creating FDM Applications

• About FDM Applications
• Creating Applications
• Managing Applications

4.Integrating Applications

• Integration Overview
• Importing, Registering, and Configuring Adapters
• Adding Machine Profiles
• Configuring Application Settings
• Configuring Integration Settings
• Testing Integrations
• Setting Up Standard Reports and Templates

5.Setting Up Control Tables and Locations

• Viewing Control Tables
• Managing Control Tables
• Viewing Locations
• Managing Locations
• Setting Location Attributes
• Searching Control Trees

6.Setting Up Mapping Tables

• Mapping Dimension Members
• Building Maps
• Map Types
• Processing Order
• Building Maps Externally
• Copying Maps
• Sharing Dimension Maps
• Setting Up Conditional Mapping

Building Import Formats

• About Import Formats
• Creating Import Groups
• Creating Import Formats
• Assigning Import Formats
• Adding Import Expressions

7.Loading Data

• About Loading Data
• Importing Source Data
• Working with Records
• Validating Dimension Mappings
• Loading Data to Target Systems
• Drilling into Data
• Drilling Through from Target Applications

8.Building Validation Rules

• About Validation Rules and Reports
• Creating Validation Rule Groups
• Creating Validation Rules
• Creating Validation Rules with Validation Editor
• Assigning Validation Rules to Locations
• Checking Validation Rules

9.Setting Up Validation Entities

• About Validation Entities
• Creating Validation Entity Groups
• Creating Validation Entities
• Assigning Validation Entity Groups to Locations
• Verifying Consolidations

10.Processing Batch Files

• About Batch Processing
• Setting Up Batch-Load Files
• Processing Batches
• Creating Batch Scripts
• Scheduling Batch Scripts in Task Manager

11.Creating Logic Accounts

• About Logic Accounts
• Creating Logic Groups
• Creating Simple Logic Accounts
• Creating Complex Logic Accounts
• Assigning Logic Groups to Locations

12.Loading FDM Journals

• About FDM Journals
• Creating Journal Templates
• Adding Metadata Tags
• Loading Journal Templates

13.Loading Data with Multiload Files

• About Multiload Files
• Creating Multiload Excel Templates
• Creating Multiload Text Files
• Loading Multiload Files
• Viewing Errors

14.Setting Up Security

• About FDM Security
• Security Levels
• Setting Up Object Security
• Setting Up User Security
• Locking and Unlocking the Local POV Mode
• Setting Up Report Group Security

15.Working with Financial Controls

• About Financial Controls
• Creating Controls Groups, Sections, and Questions
• Deleting and Restoring Controls Groups, Sections, and Questions
• Assigning Reviewer, Submitter, and Proxy Rights
• Accessing Financial Controls
• Selecting Application Settings for Financial Controls

16.Working with Import Scripts

• About Scripting in FDM
• Working with Scripting Components
• Creating Import Scripts
• Assigning Import Scripts to Import Formats
• Applying Scripting Functions to Import Scripts
• Working with Temporary Variables
• Manually Executing Custom Custom Web Scripts

17.Working with Import Integration Scripts

• About Import Integration Scripts
• Creating Import Integration Scripts
• Assigning Import Integration Scripts to Import Formats

18.Working with Event Scripts

• About Event Scripts
• Creating Event Scripts
• Changing Import Formats Dynamically

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